What is redesign insurance?

Design insurance is a ground-breaking service that is unmatched in our industry. When we first started Platform 513 we wanted something that would really wow our customers, so we decided to offer design insurance. Design insurance means that you never have to pay for a website re-design ever again! If in 5-10 years your site starts looking old, or technology changes and you need to update your site, we will update it for no additional cost, ever! This is truly the last website you will ever need to pay for! We realize we could make a lot more money by not offering this, but we care more about good relationships and exceeding our customers expectations.

Can you update my website that another web firm built?

Yes! We can take the content you own from the existing site and develop a brand new site. We only support websites that we have fully built so we know everything about how it was designed and how it will work best for you. We have this policy so that we can stand behind everything that we create.

Can you help me source photos for my website?

Yes. We will help you source stock photos. We also have photographers and videographers available to produce custom content for your website.

What do you mean by unlimited changes?

We mean unlimited changes. You want it, you got it. This includes additions to your website as well. Want a new page? Added. Think of us like your own magic genie, accept you get unlimited wishes.

What doesn't my monthly fee cover?

We will charge you the exact price of any third party app you want added to your website, if it is as simple as copying their code. If we have to do custom API work or custom coding, we will charge you additionally for our services. In short, if it takes us a lot of time, we will obviously have to charge. If it is something simple, we won't charge you anything. We want to be as fair as possible.

Can I make changes to my own website?

Yes! We can allow you access to change your content such as blog posts, descriptions, or pictures. However, we have made this process extremely simple where you can just write on the website what changes you want and we will be notified instead of having to go back and forth through email or phone call.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No! We hate when other companies make us sign contracts, so why would we do that to you? We want to earn your business every month.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a combination of on-site optimization, reviews, Google My Business, and business listings. It's meant for local companies not national brands.

Is there a contract for Local SEO?

No! However, you can't just stop Local SEO and expect your rankings to continue to go up or stay the same. Listings need to be constantly monitored for duplicates, incorrect information, or opportunities. Reviews also need to come in regularly and replied to or your rankings will drop. Your competition isn't stopping Local SEO, so why would you?

Is it bad if my GMB listing isn't claimed?

If you are a local business, yes. When you don’t claim your listing, you can't control how your business shows up in local searches. Not claiming it could also mean that someone other than you could claim it and have control over your listing. We verify and manage your Google My Business with our Local SEO plan.

Can you guarantee I will be on the first page of Google?

Nobody can guarantee that you will show up first on Google. SEO stands for "Search Engine OPTIMIZATION". Getting customers to your website through word of mouth and advertising is the fuel to ranking higher, but SEO is the match. Company's will lie and tell you they can guarantee you will be first on Google because that's what people want to hear, but it's not the truth. Our team has worked for some of the biggest SEO companies in the world and seen all the ways they rip off clients. This is why we stick with the things Google tells us they want businesses to do instead of guessing. We know that you need business listings, lots of good reviews, a website with correct keywords and free of technical SEO errors.

Will https affect my SEO?

Look up at the URL of this page. See the “https” at the beginning, and the word “Secure” to the left of it? Google looks on pages like these favorably. Not only does it index HTTPS pages first, but it also recognizes HTTPS as a ranking signal. HTTPS is also faster than HTTP, which can affect click-through rate. So yes, changing to HTTPS should positively impact your rankings!

Will blogging help my SEO?

Yes! Especially if your blog is good! Google likes to see that your website is active. This is partly why we offer unlimited changes and additions, to help make sure your site is active. Each piece of new content you create is another opportunity to rank for a target keyword related to your business. The more high-quality blogs you create, the wider the net you cast across your industry’s organic search results.

Do revisions count towards my hourly rate?

We try to nail every project on the first try, however, if you need more revisions, and you're nice to us, we'll do it till you love it without charging for the extra time.

How important is a good logo for my branding?

Logos are high-visibility elements of your business. They’re on every business card, sign, brochure, ad, website, package, menu, postcard, social media page, and swag you’ll ever produce. Your logo is always at work, 24/7, marketing your business and helping prospective customers form the correct impression of you. Your logo is the face of your company, and you don't want it to be ugly, unless you do :)

Can you manage the printing of my project?

Yes. Some of our clients have trusted print vendors they already use and simply need print-ready files they can take to them. Or, when needed, we can manage the entire printing process for you, recommending vendors, obtaining quotes and seeing your project through to the finish.

What exactly is branding?

Branding is everything. It's part design and part execution. The execution comes from the words you choose. The way you behave. The conversations you have. The promises you make. The people you hire. The values you hold dear. The vendors you choose. And, of course, the experience people have with the product or service you provide. We can help you with great design and messaging, the rest is up to you.

What does Platform 513 mean?

We wanted a name that was totally original and had meaning behind it. A unique name also helps with branding and SEO, which is a big deal to us. So here's what it means...a website is a PLATFORM that enables you to promote your products, services or ideas online. 513 is our unique symbol for Small Business, the 5 looks like the letter "S" and 13 looks like the letter "B". So, Platform 513 is our way of saying we build websites for 5mall 13usinesses. Also, the numbers are special to each of us, but that's TMI.

When I call, can I actually talk to a person?

Yes! We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service. All of our clients are treated like they are our most important customer, because you are!

Will your team brainstorm with me?

Yes! We love to have business discussions with our clients.